Our Story


New Palestine Bible Church (NPBC) began meeting together for corporate worship Easter of 2001. We began as a satellite ministry of College Park Church (then College Park Baptist Church). The Sunday morning messages were provided primarily from the pulpit of College Park via a recording which eventually became a live video feed.

NPBC began as a result of some College Park members who lived in New Palestine approaching their elders about establishing a satellite ministry at a church facility that was up for sale in New Palestine. The elders agreed and a small group of interested members as well as others from the area began to meet. Brett Crump was called to serve as an associate pastor to College Park serving NPBC in September 2002.

The question that was frequently raised was: would NPBC remain a satellite of College Park indefinitely, i.e. would we ever become independent from College Park and establish our own pulpit ministry? In the winter of 2006-2007, the elders of NPBC and College Park agreed that the most appropriate way forward was for NPBC to transition from a satellite to a plant of College Park and made this recommendation along with Brett Crump to be promoted to the senior/preaching pastor of NPBC. The congregation affirmed this direction by vote in March of 2007.

Since that time the Lord has continued to bless our church in many ways. We have steadily grown spiritually and numerically. Rex Smith became our associate and youth pastor in October 2009.

New Faith Community Church (NFCC) merged together with us in early 2012 which has been a blessing in many ways. One thing that resulted in our coming together is that we now have two properties, our original campus on Main Street and the twenty-acre property that NFCC had when we merged a few miles away at the corner of Mt. Comfort anIMG_2453d 300 S. (referred to as our Ministry Center).
God willing, our future will be on that site. We are currently praying, planning and raising funds to expand our facilities there.
In the meantime, the Lord brought Water’s Edge Church to join us at the end of 2015. This too has been a blessed merging of another like-minded congregation. They were meeting at our Mt. Comfort site.
As a result of Water’s Edge joining us we have gained another pastor. Daron Day has been another blessed addition to our team of elders and pastors.
God willingly, we hope to start construction at our Mt. Comfort site in 2018. 
We are grateful for our history and how the Lord had led us and are excited for what He has for us in the future!