Let’s Build Together!
Thank you for considering helping us build our new church building! Our project is being led by the Mississippi Nail Benders. This group of believers gather together once a year to fellowship and serve together to help build a church that Lord willing will proclaim the Gospel until Christ returns. We are looking for people and groups from Indiana and all over the country to join our project. Would you consider joining the team?
So many reasons to choose this project!
  • Enjoy the body of Christ working together for a great cause!
  • A time away from your day to day, to focus on serving and fellowshipping!
  • A time to build new friendships and strengthen old ones!
  • UPDATE: the COVID-19 situation has changed our plans for 2020. The below dates are no longer applicable. The Nailbenders will be coming, but new dates have not been established. We will update this page once new dates are established.
  • A new crew comes in each week from May 23rd – June 27th, 2020
    • First week (Sat, May 23 – Sat, May 30)
    • Second week (Sat, May 30 – Sat, June 6) [No volunteers needed this week, unless they are plumbers]
    • Third week (Sat, June 6 – Sat, Jun 13)
    • Fourth week (Sat, June 13 – Sat, June 20)
    • Fifth week (Sat, June 20 – Sat, June 27) [No volunteers needed this week, unless they are plumbers]
  • People typically help from Saturday to the next Saturday
5954 W 300 S
New Palestine, IN 46163

  • $75 for meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Monday-Friday) and a t-shirt. No cost if providing your own meals.
What is the project?
We are building a new auditorium and classroom wing (along with current building renovations) for New Palestine Bible Church to worship in and minister to to their community through.
Who can help?
  • This event is open to anyone and may include youth groups, small groups, individual families, or entire churches. No building experience necessary.
May children help?
  • Children 12 and up are welcome to come. Children under 12 are welcome if a parent/guardian is with them the entire time on the worksite.
What does a typical work day look like?
  • The work day starts at 8:00 am to 4:30ish each day. Lunch is at around noon with a break in the morning and afternoon. We try to keep water and powerade on site to stay hydrated. 
  • Breakfast is served at 7:00AM and after will be a brief devotional time.
  • After work (4:30 to 5:30) we will eat supper and clean up, after supper you can stay and fellowship or go see any sights that may interest your group. Sometimes on Thursday a group may knock off early to go a distance to something of interest like an attraction or park etc.
  • It has been described as a great time of fellowship—and sometime during this fellowship a church building happens to get built.
What day of the week and time do people normally arrive for their specific week? What time do people normally leave to go back home?
  • Groups often come in on Saturday, and this allows them to worship with the church they’re serving on Sunday. We would love to have you worship with us at New Palestine Bible Church! Worship service is 9:15AM & 11:00AM at 27 W Main St. New Palestine, IN 46163 (different address than worksite). Some groups arrive on Sunday, or if they’re local, they can also just show up for breakfast on Monday at 7:00AM!
  • Groups often head home on Friday (people who are local) or Saturday (people who live much further away).
Where do we stay?
  • Free lodging will be available at the church and other nearby churches. People typically bring twin air mattresses or twin sleeping mats. In the later Spring, after you sign up, you will be sent some information on where you’ll be staying at for the week.
  • Even if you’re local, we encourage you stay overnight for the week with the group for fellowship and camaraderie.
What do we eat?
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a great time for fellowship as the groups eats these meals together during the week. On the weekend, groups can get meals at nearby restaurants in New Palestine, or explore one of the many options in Indianapolis.
What to bring?
  • Bible, Twin or Full air mattress/sleeping mat, tools (with name and number on them).
Other Questions?